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I LOVE my new life. I used to be so into working for other people, that I lost focus on the essence of who I AM. When I got laid off from my corporate job, I was depressed; especially because of the way everything happened. I felt stuck and unsure of how I would earn an income or maintain my bills and livelihood. But then I read a quote, “as long as you use the talents and gifts that you were born with, you will always have work.” Very true. So that’s when I put my all into my writing, having faith that like a farmer; I will gain increase in all ways from what I’ve produced.
My first published book; Book of Life Experienced was written as a way to release pain and familial bondage. The book is a real life account of the molestation of a biological child under the roof of her home. The book depicts a cause and the effect of sexual abuse, parental disassociation as well as familial disassociation. The book reveals a relationship full of mental, emotional and psychological abuse; with ways that the main character rose above it all. The book also depicts friendship and loyalty; the good, bad, and ugly truth. I wrote Book of Life Experienced in the language and speech of an urban family. If you are a stickler for Ebonics; just keep in mind the book was intentionally written in a way that children from urban backgrounds can relate to and receive the message. I wrote the book mainly for the growth and development of children.
My second published work, Poetry Pieces of Peace; is a book of over 40 poems. They are poems of healing, uplifting, affirmations, and truth. Written more in the form of spoken word with an easy to follow flow; people have told me that my work is prophetic and healing.
My most recently published book, Who She Be!?; was a fun book to write. It dips into the twists and turns of life events, by way of diary entries and open letters. C.C Blossom is the main character. A woman ahead of her time, not of this world, and heavily entrenched in the spirit world; she is the epitome of “different”. She is a sassy, classy, take no shit kinda lady. I enjoyed every bit of writing it, as I hope you will enjoy every bit of reading it.
I am grateful to anyone who took the time to read anything that I have ever published. Thank you to those who took it a step further, and liked or commented on my published works. I am profoundly grateful to all of those that purchased any of my written works. May my talents and gifts make me rich. 🙂
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Oxymoron of Transgender

What is Transgender really?


Trans = Across; beyond; through; changing thoroughly.

Gender = The state of being male or female. Sex.

Female = Of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs. Distinguished biologically by the production of eggs; fertilized by male sperm

Male = The physiological sex that produces sperm.


So in essence, the literal definition of transgender; is a thorough changing of one’s sex. But how is that humanly, surgically and physiologically even possible?

To thoroughly change one’s sex means; a sperm producing man becomes an egg carrying woman. Or that an offspring bearing woman becomes a sperm producing man. Impossible. Which means that the idea of transgender, is an oxymoron to human anatomy.

Typically, the transgender community say that the idea of transgender has nothing to do with sex. To me that is an oxymoron when you think about the context of the words trans and gender. It is only and solely about sex. And to say it is not; is to identify the real reasoning behind the transgender transition.

I have read stories, watched television shows, and held personal conversations about the day in the life of Transgender people; the commonality being an identity crisis – people who for whatever reason, didn’t identify with the gender that they were born with.

My question is, how is that any different that say a, mid-life crisis? They both are emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence.

People facing a mid-life crisis can do nothing to alter their age. They simply have to face the reality of the inevitable, adjust to it and move on. How come that isn’t the same for transgender people?

No amount of surgery will ever alter one’s physiological offspring bearing or sperm producing, anatomy. Yes, surgery can halt child bearing via tied tubes, the removal of a uterus or ovaries, or a vasectomy; but it cannot swap or switch one’s existing sex/gender.

I know that I will probably catch flak for posting this piece, but I can’t help the fact that I don’t understand why society is being forced to accept a fictional identity; a fictional word; an oxymoron lifestyle.

I think that this world has too many reality blinders as it is. We really need to get to a place of reality; facing reality is its true essence. It’s easy to create false titles and identities to mask true internal issues, but in the long run those blinders do nothing to help move society forward.

For the sake of forced tolerance, so many ways and laws have been created and adjusted, to integrate the transgender community into society. But yet we cannot even protect the children. Children are being molested and raped in female bathrooms, all because government sees fit to force someone else’s identity and self-confidence issues upon the rest of society. Not fair, and unacceptable for parents raising and protecting children; it’s not acceptable to the reality of life.

I cannot help but wonder; has the world gone to shit!?

Below are some links to real life people who have regretted their transgender transition. Many of them state that the same depression, and mental issues that plagued them before the transition, remained or got worse after the transition. Surgery is not the solution here. Identifying, facing, and resolving the root causes of emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence is the ONLY solution.


~Spiritual or Religious~


So, I’ve been on social media enlightening some folks as well as gaining some enlightening from folks, and I keep coming across those “topic baiters”. You know, people who post controversial subject matter to invoke heated debate.

Religion is one of the main topics of debate these days; aside from the Clinton vs. Trump shenanigans.

Personally, I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person just because of the way I view the world and choose to live my life, but I grew up in a family of church goers. My last few experiences in a church setting were reminders of why I’’ stopped attended church for years. I always felt infringed upon. Stand, sing, hug, hold hands, tithe, bye.

And they almost always aren’t as polite as when it’s time to collect tithes, and just as brash when it’s over, and time to go.

So, decided to do some research and see what I could find when comparing spirituality to religion.

Spirituality has existed since the beginning of time. It was the Kemet was of life. It is an inner knowing of an existence of a higher being or higher existence. Through meditation and relaxation techniques, one can reach a level of impenetrable spirituality, impossible to understand.

Now, granted polytheism (a worship of more than one god), was very prevalent in Ancient Egypt. But even that was an inner knowing, of a connection to nature gods such as birds, trees, symbols, deities and nature itself.

Egyptian Spirituality teaches; during one’s life on earth one is expected to uphold the principle Ma’at (harmony) with an understanding that one’s actions in life affected not only one’s self but others’ lives as well, and the operation of the universe. People were expected to depend on each other to keep balance as this was the will of the gods to produce the greatest amount of pleasure and happiness for humans through a harmonious existence which also enabled gods to better perform their tasks. (Is this not an inner knowing?)

Religion, unlike spirituality, is a man-made belief and/or teaching that did not even come into existence until 600 B.C when the Persians invaded Egypt; though it’s argued that the Romans introduced Christianity to Egypt in the 4th century; many Egyptians rejecting it for their loyalty and worship of goddess Isis (fertility goddess).

Religion is an outer teaching, of ways and philosophies of life’s existence and evolution. It’s interchangeable by race, world location, class of people, etc. (Jews, Muslims, Whites, Wealthy, etc.) Religion is a belief and way of life based mainly on the teachings of a religious book (Bible, Qur’an, Torah, etc.) Most if not all religions have daily or weekly sermons amongst a congregation teaching only and solely, things outlined in that particular doctrine.

There is nothing in any religious book that teaches about keeping balance through unification of humanity, to ensure a harmonious existence among people; like spirituality does.

In fact, there is pedophilia, molestation, rape, murder and mass sin and negative karma written blatantly metaphorically, with some sprinkles of similes, all throughout the bible. Religion teaches of segregation through the enslavement of people. It teaches social divide by way of heaven vs hell; king vs peasant; rich vs poor.

Religion teaches intolerance; where spirituality encourages unity and oneness. Religion promotes pain and suffering; where spirituality exemplifies peace and harmony for all. Religion speaks of a heaven and hell; where spirituality makes known that we create our realities by the energy that we put out into the universe – in essence, we create our own heaven or hell through our own actions and treatment of others amongst the universe.

Religion is man-made; spirituality is a universal existence of energy and karma.

I don’t know about y’all, but I ditched religion about a year ago; the moment I grasped the understanding of the difference in it vs spirituality.

I have witnessed false prophets, intolerance, persecution, harsh and cruel judgement and punishment, segregation and hatred within religion. Women aren’t even respected nor properly acknowledged in most religions.

According to the bible, women are said to have originated from the rib of a man in Genesis 2:22 – “Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.”

In reality how can that be when women are the ones that actually carry and deliver children.

In Spiritual practices, Isis is worshipped as the goddess of fertility. So how is it humanly and physiologically possible that a woman was created from the rib of a man?

What about the Adam and Eve story? 16 And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”  Forbidden to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil; doomed to peril if that order is not obeyed. Sounds more like a form of manipulation; encouraging people to not question good vs evil; at the same time damning the image of the woman. It makes one wonder why someone would want that type of knowledge hidden, unless there was a hidden agenda….

Spirituality however, encourages enlightenment on all levels. It speaks to Karma; actions and reactions; cause and effect; positive and negative energy. Are these not forms of knowledge of good and evil?

Contradictions as great as these, are enough to question the true validity of religion, period.

It seems to me that the idea of religion is a plagiarized essence of spirituality; but twisted in such a way that religion favors only a particular class and race of people.

Just my two cents….


Some side tea, via a quick google search:

Religion usually entails adhering to a certain dogma or belief system. Spirituality places little importance on intellectual beliefs, but is concerned with growing into and experiencing the Divine consciousness. 2. … The spiritual approach to God is through the path of love.

Poetry Pieces of Peace *ASE*

Seer of all things


The eye in the sky is light!

It’s the sun that rises and sets daily.

This eye cries tears of rain and thunder unto the universe when angry and emotional

The eye that never sleeps, watches this world so closely.

Many choose to deny His existence, and then there are those that emulate his grace

But there is and only ever will be One of Him

We were made in His image, but never in imitation of Him

He is far too great to duplicate

Seek Him. Find Him. Know Him. His spirit lives within you

For to deny Him, is to deny yourself truth!

Yes, Mother Earth is the Queen,

But who created Mother Earth?


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Coincidence or Conspiracy?


It’s uncanny the resemblance and accuracy to some of those Simpson episodes, and this election. That and the movie purge are eerily similar to what we’ve seen play out in real life.
Either the writers are scarily psychic (especially how you get the clothes and people placement down so perfect). Or they been planning this shit, and everybody involved was a part of this plot. OR the universe for saw this shit, and made it into twisted humor. You decide. Either way the shit is, strange!!!!

Who Can We Trust?

The idea that the MMR vaccine is a direct cause of autism, is disgusting. How can we ever trust ANYTHING else deemed for our own good, when things like this come out? How many times must the civilians of this land of the free, suffer at the hands of injustice, deception and malpractice?

Medi-Cal is how they get us. I had a best friend that worked in clinics (pediatrics clinics, abortion clinics and now a local multi patient clinic). She used to tell me some wild shit. She was a Medical Assistant and the medi-cal patients were treated the worse. They were seen last regardless of appointment. They were given weaker or lesser quality medicine and treatment and even the flu shot was segregated by insurance type. Why? I used to tell her it was racist intents behind that, she’d call me “pro black”. This was 7 years ago, we both were in our early 20’s. It ALL makes sense now….I tried to tell her. Oh and when she’d speak out in meetings about this at work, they’d treat her like she was insubordinate. She was the only black person at MANY of her jobs. Wonder how much has changed today, behind the scenes in these healthcare clinics, and hospitals? According to the release of all of these new hidden facts, seems very little has changed, if at all.

I do believe in karmic balance. All things that have been hidden to our detriment, is now being revealed for our benefit.



Cheers to a free filled weekend

Smiles & laughter from deep within

Live it up like it’s your very last

Prepare for the future, make peace with your past

Hardened in despair; seek wisdom in experience

Have faith that the righteous shall prevail in perseverance

The Spirit guides are on our side

Speaking & leading us through this karmic divide

My people of the Sun – We shall RISE

Breaking the chains of oppression; revealing hidden ties

Do as you feel – Live in peace & Liberation

Days are numbered with the reign of a nation

First shall be last & last shall be first

Time the birth owners took possession of the Earth.

Written 11/5 by Jnaha © 2016

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