Who Can We Trust?


The idea that the MMR vaccine is a direct cause of autism, is disgusting. How can we ever trust ANYTHING else deemed for our own good, when things like this come out? How many times must the civilians of this land of the free, suffer at the hands of injustice, deception and malpractice?

Medi-Cal is how they get us. I had a best friend that worked in clinics (pediatrics clinics, abortion clinics and now a local multi patient clinic). She used to tell me some wild shit. She was a Medical Assistant and the medi-cal patients were treated the worse. They were seen last regardless of appointment. They were given weaker or lesser quality medicine and treatment and even the flu shot was segregated by insurance type. Why? I used to tell her it was racist intents behind that, she’d call me “pro black”. This was 7 years ago, we both were in our early 20’s. It ALL makes sense now….I tried to tell her. Oh and when she’d speak out in meetings about this at work, they’d treat her like she was insubordinate. She was the only black person at MANY of her jobs. Wonder how much has changed today, behind the scenes in these healthcare clinics, and hospitals? According to the release of all of these new hidden facts, seems very little has changed, if at all.

I do believe in karmic balance. All things that have been hidden to our detriment, is now being revealed for our benefit.


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