Oxymoron of Transgender

What is Transgender really?


Trans = Across; beyond; through; changing thoroughly.

Gender = The state of being male or female. Sex.

Female = Of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs. Distinguished biologically by the production of eggs; fertilized by male sperm

Male = The physiological sex that produces sperm.


So in essence, the literal definition of transgender; is a thorough changing of one’s sex. But how is that humanly, surgically and physiologically even possible?

To thoroughly change one’s sex means; a sperm producing man becomes an egg carrying woman. Or that an offspring bearing woman becomes a sperm producing man. Impossible. Which means that the idea of transgender, is an oxymoron to human anatomy.

Typically, the transgender community say that the idea of transgender has nothing to do with sex. To me that is an oxymoron when you think about the context of the words trans and gender. It is only and solely about sex. And to say it is not; is to identify the real reasoning behind the transgender transition.

I have read stories, watched television shows, and held personal conversations about the day in the life of Transgender people; the commonality being an identity crisis – people who for whatever reason, didn’t identify with the gender that they were born with.

My question is, how is that any different that say a, mid-life crisis? They both are emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence.

People facing a mid-life crisis can do nothing to alter their age. They simply have to face the reality of the inevitable, adjust to it and move on. How come that isn’t the same for transgender people?

No amount of surgery will ever alter one’s physiological offspring bearing or sperm producing, anatomy. Yes, surgery can halt child bearing via tied tubes, the removal of a uterus or ovaries, or a vasectomy; but it cannot swap or switch one’s existing sex/gender.

I know that I will probably catch flak for posting this piece, but I can’t help the fact that I don’t understand why society is being forced to accept a fictional identity; a fictional word; an oxymoron lifestyle.

I think that this world has too many reality blinders as it is. We really need to get to a place of reality; facing reality is its true essence. It’s easy to create false titles and identities to mask true internal issues, but in the long run those blinders do nothing to help move society forward.

For the sake of forced tolerance, so many ways and laws have been created and adjusted, to integrate the transgender community into society. But yet we cannot even protect the children. Children are being molested and raped in female bathrooms, all because government sees fit to force someone else’s identity and self-confidence issues upon the rest of society. Not fair, and unacceptable for parents raising and protecting children; it’s not acceptable to the reality of life.

I cannot help but wonder; has the world gone to shit!?

Below are some links to real life people who have regretted their transgender transition. Many of them state that the same depression, and mental issues that plagued them before the transition, remained or got worse after the transition. Surgery is not the solution here. Identifying, facing, and resolving the root causes of emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence is the ONLY solution.




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