Thank You ALL For Your Support

I LOVE my new life. I used to be so into working for other people, that I lost focus on the essence of who I AM. When I got laid off from my corporate job, I was depressed; especially because of the way everything happened. I felt stuck and unsure of how I would earn an income or maintain my bills and livelihood. But then I read a quote, “as long as you use the talents and gifts that you were born with, you will always have work.” Very true. So that’s when I put my all into my writing, having faith that like a farmer; I will gain increase in all ways from what I’ve produced.
My first published book; Book of Life Experienced was written as a way to release pain and familial bondage. The book is a real life account of the molestation of a biological child under the roof of her home. The book depicts a cause and the effect of sexual abuse, parental disassociation as well as familial disassociation. The book reveals a relationship full of mental, emotional and psychological abuse; with ways that the main character rose above it all. The book also depicts friendship and loyalty; the good, bad, and ugly truth. I wrote Book of Life Experienced in the language and speech of an urban family. If you are a stickler for Ebonics; just keep in mind the book was intentionally written in a way that children from urban backgrounds can relate to and receive the message. I wrote the book mainly for the growth and development of children.
My second published work, Poetry Pieces of Peace; is a book of over 40 poems. They are poems of healing, uplifting, affirmations, and truth. Written more in the form of spoken word with an easy to follow flow; people have told me that my work is prophetic and healing.
My most recently published book, Who She Be!?; was a fun book to write. It dips into the twists and turns of life events, by way of diary entries and open letters. C.C Blossom is the main character. A woman ahead of her time, not of this world, and heavily entrenched in the spirit world; she is the epitome of “different”. She is a sassy, classy, take no shit kinda lady. I enjoyed every bit of writing it, as I hope you will enjoy every bit of reading it.
I am grateful to anyone who took the time to read anything that I have ever published. Thank you to those who took it a step further, and liked or commented on my published works. I am profoundly grateful to all of those that purchased any of my written works. May my talents and gifts make me rich. 🙂
Thank you for supporting my bookstore business on this Black Friday.
ONE LOVE ($4.44, $5.55, $7.77) good deals for reads of enlightenment.



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