The Tree

Human looking tree.PNG

The root of life

My Ancestor’s spirits are the foundation.

The foundation is now speaking to the trees, who are now making themselves seen and known through the existence of the younger generations of new life form (Us).

The Spirits of our Ancestors live among the trees of the forests, and old plantation lines. Their bodies and blood; fertilizer for the very ground we walk today! They died in the swamps of hell, so that America could see its day in history.

But see, my Ancestors only died in the flesh. Their spirits live forever, telling their stories, OUR history, through the mouths of OUR people. We are our Ancestors voices, their power, their reparations.

See trees are the ONE thing in life that I know for sure, cannot be controlled nor manipulated by mankind.

Yes, mankind can plant a tree, and water a tree. They cannot make it grow, nor can they determine the shape or outcome of that trees growth and development.

THAT is, the work and manifestation of the Spirit world, the Original owners of this Universal foundation.

Ever notice how some trees are very human like in appearance, some trees tell a story if you pay attention to its location, its surroundings, its existence.


(c) 2016 Jnaha 

Hidden in the Trees.jpg


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