The 9


A feminine introvert, I love my “me time”. Probably just as much as I enjoy living to write and tell my story. I have always been called an old soul; seen as a person wise beyond her years. My ultimate goal in life is to serve humanity. I desire better living on an equitable level, for all inhabitants of the universe.

I am an “earth” being; born an earth sign. By sheer will, fate and destiny; I was born in month 9. Born with an uncanny awareness that I AM supposed to be here. I was not always aware of my purpose; though life experiences, life circumstances and situations led me to know what I know.

My life lesson was forgiveness.

I live by universal codes of morals and laws of balance, doing my best to live life aligned with the universal laws of nature. I never truly understood my love of nature until I learned to get over my fear of natural things; like nature. Though I still struggle with the idea of insects, rodents and birds; I respect their existence.

I have a deep and empathetic spiritual connection to the underprivileged; the used; the abused. While at the same time; I am bonded to creative artistic expressions as well.

I 100% respect the universal law of love and service, and I hope that this reflection will become a catchy “in thing” that never goes out of style.

I am a dreamer as well as a doer. I always have been and I always will be. It’s how I’m able to stay UP, in a society designed to keep my kind down. This works for me.

I choose to heal and educate via written and verbal expression; to the benefit of the universe. I aspire to inspire via out of the box solutions of creativity.

My life lessons taught me how to be responsible for my own actions on all levels.

Most important in my personal life is trustworthy companions and friends; love and loyalty unlimited.

I AM # 9 –And I choose to make the best of my time!



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