The Cat To His Dog…

Slyer than any dog could ever dream to be,
Always on the prowl ever so discreetly
Sneaky… creepy… seductively intriguing
A Sphinx in mind, yet merely just a kitten indigenously
Purring sweet nothings, causing trouble
Without even trying – just a bundle of humble
Test her, and she will rain on your parade
Indubiously – she’s just that damn good with the charade

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~Life Expectancy~

“When you pretend to believe things that aren’t true, just because it’s easier than dealing with the facts, you turn your whole life into a lie. And where’s that get you?”


My Pocketbook



This here pocketbook ain’t for free and it darn sure ain’t for sale

This pocketbook belongs to me

I OWN it – can’t you tell?

If a man wants to dig on me – He must earn his keep

All I want to see is: Receipt! Receipt! Receipt!

You want to touch this pocketbook?

It’s gonna cost ya!

You want to see this pocketbook?

Well see, there’s a charge for that too!

You got to pay to play – even for just a lookie loo

I’m no hooker, jezebel nor prostitute

My pocketbook holds mostly, peace, love & truth

But I gotta see proof before I even believe you

With cash on delivery – occasionally

Because fair exchange ain’t never been no robbery

To gift me with your presence, loyalty & solidarity…

Ensures you a lifetime of equal reciprocity

You want to stick your nose in my private affairs…

The cost is heavy and I don’t share!

This here chick don’t give up no skins – certainly, not my purse

My prize possession, my divine collection!?

No sir – pay ME first!

This pocketbook don’t belong to you

I hold the purse strings – You deposit the truth

And to those that think they run My shit

Please remember this:

I AM that chick!

So never forget…

This… is…. MY… shit!

© 2017 ~Jnaha~

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