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Spoken Word Poetry Book $5

I got $5 on it. If you are into spoken word poetry, then I encourage you to take a moment to check out this up and coming Jnaha-72dpi-1500x2000poet from the Bay Area.

This book is now on sale for $5 a copy to all of my friends and family on social media. If you have PayPal, it’s even better because you get an instant invoice/receipt for your purchase AND if you don’t have $5 immediately, PayPal allows you to utilize your PayPal credit account. So why wait for something different, when you can get it here and now?

If you’re in the mood to support my business venture, send me a PM with your PayPal email address.  I will then send you your invoice. Once payment is received you’ll get your copy. Only $5 via PayPal. I’m grateful for any and all support of my craft. OneLove



Drop That Zero & Employ A Hero…


Is your company in need of fresh and new innovative ways to attract business? Are you in need of a fresh, creative mind to help change the pace?

I have just what you need.

  • I am creative.
  • I think and act outside the box.
  • I am a visualizer with the potential to increase revenue, clientele, and progression. 

With a winning spirit like me on your team, everything has the highest potential of going just right, from day one. 

If I haven’t sold you yet, then I’m positive that I’ve at least piqued your curiosity. All I’m asking is that you allow your curiosity to show up and show out in interest with an extended opportunity.  

If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of the monotony of your everyday business routine and feel that your business could use a “pick me up” to drive the rise in sales, then I am your Lady.

  • I advertise
  • I market
  • I get ‘er done

Give me an opportunity to show you what I can do for you!

Contact Info:   ~ I AM Jnaha ~       **

Poetry Pieces of Peace

A refined modern day writer,

Her pen game leans on a dash of

Hood and a dollop of complexity.

The interwoven urban living and

Life lessons with book smarts;

She’s an oddity indeed.

But ask her and she’ll tell ya

“my style was made just for me!”

© 2016 Jnaha



The Cat To His Dog…

Slyer than any dog could ever dream to be,
Always on the prowl ever so discreetly
Sneaky… creepy… seductively intriguing
A Sphinx in mind, yet merely just a kitten indigenously
Purring sweet nothings, causing trouble
Without even trying – just a bundle of humble
Test her, and she will rain on your parade
Indubiously – she’s just that damn good with the charade

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