The Mis·ap·pro·pri·a·tion

“What’s worse than the oppressor? An oppressed oppressor who doesn’t even realize they are oppressive.” ~Jnaha~


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Hard Times Token

The size and color of a 1 cent penny, the hard times tokens were considered unofficial currency during 1833 through 1843. They were worth $30 – $150; used during financial and political crisis of the Country.

“I Take the Responsibility” – are the words etched into one of many of these privately made pieces; the image of Andrew Jackson on a ship imprinted front and center.

During Andrew Jackson’s, presidential re-election in 1832, he called for a dissolvement of the SBUS (Second Bank of the United States).

After winning the election, Jackson successfully weakened the banking system. This caused a severe paper money gap, creating a domino effect within the banking pyramid. The issuing of an astronomical amount of bank notes, led to inflation. 

Federal Reserve Bank Note.png

In an attempt to correct the unexpected effects of inflation, Jackson issued an executive order, stating as of August 15, 1836, banks and all other merchants were required to accept only gold and silver coins in payment for public lands.

Instead this act became the death of economic prosperity because people began hoarding their coins as a form of self-protection and survival.

This hoarding of the coins, created financial troubles for all banks and all merchants; as they had no coins to pay out. Banks and business failed instantaneously, which led to the great depression.

With the ending of Andrew Jackson’s presidential term, and the beginning of Martin Van Buren’s term; came the Panic of 1837, better known as the “Hard Times.”

Who Knew!?

Thank You ALL For Your Support

I LOVE my new life. I used to be so into working for other people, that I lost focus on the essence of who I AM. When I got laid off from my corporate job, I was depressed; especially because of the way everything happened. I felt stuck and unsure of how I would earn an income or maintain my bills and livelihood. But then I read a quote, “as long as you use the talents and gifts that you were born with, you will always have work.” Very true. So that’s when I put my all into my writing, having faith that like a farmer; I will gain increase in all ways from what I’ve produced.
My first published book; Book of Life Experienced was written as a way to release pain and familial bondage. The book is a real life account of the molestation of a biological child under the roof of her home. The book depicts a cause and the effect of sexual abuse, parental disassociation as well as familial disassociation. The book reveals a relationship full of mental, emotional and psychological abuse; with ways that the main character rose above it all. The book also depicts friendship and loyalty; the good, bad, and ugly truth. I wrote Book of Life Experienced in the language and speech of an urban family. If you are a stickler for Ebonics; just keep in mind the book was intentionally written in a way that children from urban backgrounds can relate to and receive the message. I wrote the book mainly for the growth and development of children.
My second published work, Poetry Pieces of Peace; is a book of over 40 poems. They are poems of healing, uplifting, affirmations, and truth. Written more in the form of spoken word with an easy to follow flow; people have told me that my work is prophetic and healing.
My most recently published book, Who She Be!?; was a fun book to write. It dips into the twists and turns of life events, by way of diary entries and open letters. C.C Blossom is the main character. A woman ahead of her time, not of this world, and heavily entrenched in the spirit world; she is the epitome of “different”. She is a sassy, classy, take no shit kinda lady. I enjoyed every bit of writing it, as I hope you will enjoy every bit of reading it.
I am grateful to anyone who took the time to read anything that I have ever published. Thank you to those who took it a step further, and liked or commented on my published works. I am profoundly grateful to all of those that purchased any of my written works. May my talents and gifts make me rich. 🙂
Thank you for supporting my bookstore business on this Black Friday.
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Coincidence or Conspiracy?


It’s uncanny the resemblance and accuracy to some of those Simpson episodes, and this election. That and the movie purge are eerily similar to what we’ve seen play out in real life.
Either the writers are scarily psychic (especially how you get the clothes and people placement down so perfect). Or they been planning this shit, and everybody involved was a part of this plot. OR the universe for saw this shit, and made it into twisted humor. You decide. Either way the shit is, strange!!!!

Who Can We Trust?

The idea that the MMR vaccine is a direct cause of autism, is disgusting. How can we ever trust ANYTHING else deemed for our own good, when things like this come out? How many times must the civilians of this land of the free, suffer at the hands of injustice, deception and malpractice?

Medi-Cal is how they get us. I had a best friend that worked in clinics (pediatrics clinics, abortion clinics and now a local multi patient clinic). She used to tell me some wild shit. She was a Medical Assistant and the medi-cal patients were treated the worse. They were seen last regardless of appointment. They were given weaker or lesser quality medicine and treatment and even the flu shot was segregated by insurance type. Why? I used to tell her it was racist intents behind that, she’d call me “pro black”. This was 7 years ago, we both were in our early 20’s. It ALL makes sense now….I tried to tell her. Oh and when she’d speak out in meetings about this at work, they’d treat her like she was insubordinate. She was the only black person at MANY of her jobs. Wonder how much has changed today, behind the scenes in these healthcare clinics, and hospitals? According to the release of all of these new hidden facts, seems very little has changed, if at all.

I do believe in karmic balance. All things that have been hidden to our detriment, is now being revealed for our benefit.