In The Rapture Of Laughter

I fall in love with laughing everyday

It’s the best medicine in every way

I smile. I Laugh – Every chance I get

Because the irony of life, it’s some funny shit


~Peace Y’all~

I Think It's Going To Work Out Fine

Just Coolin


Poetry Pieces of Peace

A refined modern day writer,

Her pen game leans on a dash of

Hood and a dollop of complexity.

The interwoven urban living and

Life lessons with book smarts;

She’s an oddity indeed.

But ask her and she’ll tell ya

“my style was made just for me!”

© 2016 Jnaha



The Cat To His Dog…

Slyer than any dog could ever dream to be,
Always on the prowl ever so discreetly
Sneaky… creepy… seductively intriguing
A Sphinx in mind, yet merely just a kitten indigenously
Purring sweet nothings, causing trouble
Without even trying – just a bundle of humble
Test her, and she will rain on your parade
Indubiously – she’s just that damn good with the charade

My Bookstore


My Pocketbook



This here pocketbook ain’t for free and it darn sure ain’t for sale

This pocketbook belongs to me

I OWN it – can’t you tell?

If a man wants to dig on me – He must earn his keep

All I want to see is: Receipt! Receipt! Receipt!

You want to touch this pocketbook?

It’s gonna cost ya!

You want to see this pocketbook?

Well see, there’s a charge for that too!

You got to pay to play – even for just a lookie loo

I’m no hooker, jezebel nor prostitute

My pocketbook holds mostly, peace, love & truth

But I gotta see proof before I even believe you

With cash on delivery – occasionally

Because fair exchange ain’t never been no robbery

To gift me with your presence, loyalty & solidarity…

Ensures you a lifetime of equal reciprocity

You want to stick your nose in my private affairs…

The cost is heavy and I don’t share!

This here chick don’t give up no skins – certainly, not my purse

My prize possession, my divine collection!?

No sir – pay ME first!

This pocketbook don’t belong to you

I hold the purse strings – You deposit the truth

And to those that think they run My shit

Please remember this:

I AM that chick!

So never forget…

This… is…. MY… shit!

© 2017 ~Jnaha~

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On The Job – Power Trip


You have to be a strong individual to maintain in the same space of arrogance

Where everyone outside of the predesigned circle, are treated as ants to “flawless giants”

The rule being the exception, “do as I say, not as I do!”

If you have no backbone, my child, I feel for you!

For, they shall chew you up, spit you out, then stomp all over your residue

May karmic justice prevail over the power hungry, greedy illusionists.

What gives one human being the right to dictate another human being’s sanity, wellbeing and peace in the span of a work day?

There is a blessing and a curse in the power of the use of the tongue

And regardless of life status, we must all answer for the words and actions that we choose to exercise daily

“I will fire you!” she shouts at her entire work crew in front of her own boss.

“She’s so stupid!” the boss whispers to her best friend/employee

“Get over here right now!”

“But I’m still on lunch”

“I’m the boss, now what did I say?”

All within an 8hour day.

In addition to swallowing your spit while the boss talks shit,

You’re expected to be social.


To whom?

The very people who look down on me, while speaking at me and not to me?

No Ma’am

Quiet works in my favor. Outside of this workplace, I know who I am!

And my power is in my self-control

While in the span of my work shift you may have my production,

But you will never take possession my soul!

There will come a point where checks and balance will play heavily on the designed divide

When one of the “predesigned” falls from “flawless giant” grace


Then the rest will unravel the entire power play


How’s that for a workplace power trip?

You get what give, on a karmic flipped script.

(c) 2016 Jnaha –

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